Signs to look out for in children

Domestic abuse affects everyone experiencing it, whether it is to them personally, or abuse they are seeing or hearing. The impact of domestic abuse on children can be cataclysmic, altering the way that they respond to everyday life from when incidents happen, right through to adulthood and beyond. It can change them forever

Whether you are a parent, a carer, or a professional working with children, it is vital that you know the signs to look out for to ensure that you can raise concerns about a child’s welfare.

As part of the CADA (children affected by domestic abuse) programme, we have put together just some of the signs and changes in behaviour that you should be aware of:

Signs to look out for

Download the PDF ‘Signs to look out for’ infographic

Children can’t refer themselves to use our services, so they need you to make a referral for them. Parents, carers, professionals, schools, social workers, and support workers can make referrals for women and children that they are working with by contacting us or any of the other partner organisations:

W: // T: 01623 683 250 // E: [email protected]

W: // T: 0800 183 0023 // E: [email protected]

Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid
W: // T: 01909 491 330 // E: [email protected]

Juno Women’s Aid
W: // T: 0115 947 5257 // E: [email protected]

W: // T: 0115 9623 237 // E: [email protected]

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