We're here to help

We are a small, friendly, independent, local charity who are passionate about empowering women and children helping them feel safe, feel supported and feel like they can make changes to be free from domestic abuse. We have a strong heritage and background in domestic abuse with over 24 years experience in the Mansfield and Ashfield areas.

If you need help, please know that you can contact us and we’ll be here for you.
Contact us | 01623 683250 | help@nidas.org.uk

We provide support for Children suffering from Domestic Violence

Children’s Team

We help children and young people understand what healthy relationships look and feel like and aim to build their confidence and self esteem

We provide you support when courts are involved

Court Team

We offer safety and support to women going through the court process to help get their voices heard, their needs met and to help make it an easier step

We provide support for Women suffering from Domestic Violence

Women’s Safety Team

We offer a safe space and non judgemental, confidential support to women to empower them to make different choices in order to be free from abuse