An introduction to fundraising from our Grants and Fundraising Officer - Rob

Hopefully, by the time you read this we will be out of the depressing weather of ‘Storm Eunice’ and the days will be getting longer again. The summer is coming and with it comes nice weather, cold drinks, smiles, and that very British thing of getting outdoors at every available opportunity. So, this leads me to a perfect time to talk about how you can have fun but also raise money to help us at NIDAS. 


Fundraising is far easier than you may think it is. Sure, there are stories about those who have swam the channel, cycled round the UK, or spent a day in a bath of beans, and I am not in any way discouraging that (well, apart from the beans) but fundraising is something which is accessible to all. Everyone loves Bake Off, right? Well, why not be the star of your own show and set up a bake off competition in your local community. Do not like baking? Well, how about setting up a quiz at your local community centre and charging a small fee for admission? If you are a musician or in a band, how about putting on a gig for charity? If this all sounds like too much organising for you then there are plenty of established events where you can enter for charity, on 10 July there is the Great Nottingham bike ride where you can take part in a cycling challenge which is best suited to you. I am sure if you ask your friends, colleagues, and neighbours nicely you can raise some money for doing this. If that is not your thing then there are marathons, walks, triathlons or (each to their own) assault courses which you can sign up for. 


At this point you may be thinking ‘what is in it for me,’ well there is quite a lot really, for a start you cannot spell fundraising without ‘fun’ and that is what it is, it is an opportunity to get out, see likeminded people and have fun (and do not we all want that after all these lockdowns). It is a wonderful way to learn new skills and try something new. Also, there is that great feeling that by just doing something different for a few hours you have contributed to helping a worthy cause like our charity which supports hundreds of people each year who have been affected by domestic abuse. 


If you would like to get involved please contact our Grants and Fundraising Officer to see how you can support NIDAS

Email: [email protected]