Want to take on a challenge and support NIDAS?

Want to take on a challenge and support NIDAS?

When: Friday 16th September 2022
Location: The Venue, Kirklington Rd, Rainworth, Mansfield NG21 0JR

If you choose, this is an opportunity for you to raise funds for NIDAS, but also expand your own mind. So you can discover just how much you are truly capable of.


Firewalking is the act of walking barefoot over a bed of hot embers or stones.


Whether it’s just for the thrill of experiencing fear and taking action. Or maybe, it’s an opportunity to discover your own true potential, and therefore, build the foundations for your future. You will take something special and valuable with you when you go. You’ll also learn about yourself and the others who join you.


Participants will undergo training of around one hour. When the fire has burned to red-hot embers it is raked level and prepared for the walk. Participants go to the fire, remove their footwear and one by one are invited to walk the coals.

To sign up, please click the sign up link below and input your details:


For more information please email our Grants and Fundraising Officer, Rob on [email protected]