Supporting young people to thrive after domestic abuse

14th May was National Children’s Day – the day is observed to stress the importance of having a healthy childhood and how we need to protect the freedoms and rights of children along with other young people. 

National Children's Day - because children are the future

NIDAS work with children from the age of 5-years and upwards to support them emotionally and practically to enable them to recover from the abuse they have experienced, whether that be within their family relationship, or for some teenagers, within their own intimate relationships.

NIDAS aims to work with young people in a person-centred and creative way to empower them and to give them a better understanding of their experiences. We give them the tools to build their confidence and self-esteem to help them to go on to live their best life as every young person deserves to do, and to live a life free from harm.

NIDAS is a big supporter of children having a healthy childhood. NIDAS supports children and young people to learn how to keep themselves safe and educate them about who they can turn to in times of need. We work with them to help them to understand their feelings and emotions and how to manage them in a healthy way, ensuring they have positive friendships/relationships.

National Children's Day

Services for children:

Here at NIDAS, we provide a range of support services for children and young people to help them on their journey to recovery from abuse:

Art Therapy – Artwork created in the presence of an art therapist can provide a focus for discussion, helping the young person reflect and make sense of behaviours and emotions that may feel confusing and hard to put into words. Find out more here.

Children’s Outreach Service – Available as one-to-one support or group sessions, children can access a safe, friendly and confidential space to talk about and understand their experiences of domestic abuse. Find out more here.

Teen Outreach Service – Supporting young people aged 12 – 25, we offer practical and emotional support to help them to understand their experiences of domestic abuse, whether that be in the family home or in their own intimate relationships. Available as one-to-one support and group sessions, young people can gain support to recover, learn coping strategies and much more. Find out more here.

Family Service – Offering support to help women and children to understand how domestic abuse has affected them, their relationships and their family dynamics. As well as helping the parents, our family team help children and young people to rebuild relationships with their parents/wider family members, understand how their behaviour may affect others, and explore their worries, hopes and wishes in a safe and protective environment. Find out more here.

DART – Domestic Abuse Recovery Together provides children and mothers with the opportunity to talk to each other about domestic abuse, giving them the ability to learn to communicate and rebuild their relationship over a 10-week programme. Find out more here.