14 signs of a healthy relationship this Valentine’s Day

The Awareness around domestic abuse is growing, which is fantastic. However, with days like Valentine’s Day heavily promoting love and happy relationships, it is important that we can recognise the ‘red flags’ and when something is very wrong within a relationship.

For teenagers and young people, particularly where this may be a first relationship, how can we assure them to know that things are right? 

Relationships are rarely perfect, and neither are we (or our partner/s). Here are 14 green flags that your relationship is safe and healthy: 

My partner supports and encourages me in school, work, friendships, and hobbies 

My partner makes me feel loved and desirable 

My partner understands that I am in charge of my body and appearance 

My partner and I have equal power in the relationship 

My partner will talk with me about our problems, and we work together to resolve them 

My partner might be upset if I ended the relationship, but would understand and accept it 

My partner may get upset, but they can control their actions and would not take it out on me 

My partner does not expect sex and respects the first no 

My partner takes equal responsibility for sexual health and respects my choices 

My partner respects my boundaries and my need for space and time alone 

My partner may offer advice, but knows that it is my decision and loves me regardless 

My partner respects my privacy and doesn’t manipulate or force information from me 

My partner is not afraid of me, and I am not afraid of my partner 

My partner respects my belongings and would never harm my pets 

If you need any help, support or do you feel that your relationship isn’t right, please contact us for help.