NIDAS Survivor Story: Free from abuse

In the beginning it started with little things like calling me names such as ‘slag’ when my phone went off and I received a message. He would accuse me constantly of cheating and began checking my phone. He then started emotionally and physically abusing me he threatened me all the time even when I was pregnant with my son. He isolated me from my friends and family he left me to parent on my own and didn’t interact with his children even though he was there he would ignore them.

It still feels raw sometimes looking back and his absolute refusal to admit what he did to me and my son has left me very angry. Although I still fear my ex I am so glad I left and got away and went to court to fight for justice I walked out protected so he can no longer abuse me again. I had so many worries about social services getting involved and how he would react if I reported him, but, I received nothing but support throughout! I realised this wasn’t my fault at all I was a victim.

”The freedom programme saved my life it taught me everything I needed to know to heal and what to look for in the future.”

I never realised there are so many different behaviours and abuse that all comes under domestic violence, it really opened my eyes and was amazing to speak with the group and get to know them and actually realise I was not facing these battles alone!

”Everybody’s story is different, but we could all relate and that gave me comfort in knowing I wasn’t alone!”

”NIDAS have been my absolute lifeline!”

They guided me through my journey and helped me heal and even came to court with me to support me I couldn’t have got to the happy place I am in now without them. It’s a long process but me and my son are moving forward with life, and I am able to see a future free from abuse.