Lucy's survivor story: Happy, healthy, safe and free

As a way to kick off this month, we are releasing a blog post written by one of our brave survivors, Lucy, in which she tells her story and explains how NIDAS helped both her and her children.

Not only did the team at NIDAS help rebuild my confidence, knowledge, self esteem and help change my outlook on life, they also helped bring out the confidence in my daughter. Who from leaving NIDAS has continued to grow positively, full of life, shining effortlessly day after day.

My eldest boy has just finished college, got a job, learning to drive and has applied for the army.

My middle boy he has found the confidence to be himself and all together we have become a happy, healthy close unit again and that’s thanks to NIDAS.

Me and my three,  besties forever and living our best lives all happy, healthy, safe and free.

Since leaving NIDAS I have sang for them twice, one with my daughter. I absolutely loved it and again it’s because of NIDAS I was able to find my voice again and now you can’t shut me up.

I have taken part in an activity day where I was put in some medieval stocks and families were able to make a donation to throw sponges of water at me. Again this was something I loved doing. So when I was asked to take part in the fire walk to help raise money for NIDAS I was like “ Absolutely Not No Way I Can’t Do That” When NIDAS explained the purpose of the event there was no hesitation and no doubt in my mind I was in.

”NIDAS is an amazing organisation that helps so many families daily”

”Without them I don’t know where me and my children would have ended up, so raising money for NIDAS is not only an honour but my pleasure, knowing I can help to keep them doing their amazing work to keep families safe, healthy, and free from all domestic abuse really does make me proud to say……

NIDAS helped save me.

So thank you NIDAS, now its my turn to make you proud… burning off my feet!

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