It's coming home..

The world cup has started and this means women and children experiencing domestic abuse are at increased risk.

There is NEVER an excuse for violence against women.

Women experience violence and abuse at the hands of their partners every day, not just when the football is on the TV but statistics clearly show that there is a significant increase during match days and important football tournaments such as the world cup.

Statistics relating to violence increasing against women during the last world cup in 2018, showed that Nottinghamshire Police received a record number of domestic abuse calls the day after England’s world cup quarter final game – more than any other day in 2018.

Three of the four days where the most domestic abuse crimes were reported to the Police were the day after an England World cup match, followed by the New Year period for 2018.

Football is not a reason to commit abuse against a partner but can be used as an excuse by the perpetrator to justify their actions.

We should not blame football, alcohol, drugs or gambling or any combination of those, but they are often used by perpetrators to justify their actions following an incident.

Have you heard any of the following?

’It was the drink’….. ‘I was just mad princess, it’s only because we lost’……‘It was just cause of the football babe’

Remember physical or verbal abuse on the pitch does not go unnoticed or unpunished.

We need to give abuse the red card.

If you are in danger you can call Nottinghamshire police on 999 or contact NIDAS to discuss the support we can offer for you and your children.

When you are ready, we are here to listen. You can contact us on 01623 683 250 or through our secure online form.