Supporting NIDAS and other charities without donating money

International Charity Day is held annually on 5th September, and this date was especially chosen to commemorate Mother Teresa of Calcutta (Kolkata) who passed away in 1997. Mother Teresa was known for devoting her life to help others.

Supporting charities

Charitable giving is a fantastic way to support a cause, but this doesn’t mean you have to donate money, especially when times are hard as they are for a lot of us at present.

Save the Children charity have shared some great ways in which you can give to charities of your choice:

  • Use your social networks to speak out – sharing a charity’s posts on social media to your own channels will help to spread the organisation’s messages and reach more people.
  • Birthday donations – ask friends and family to donate to your chosen charity/charities on your behalf rather than them purchasing gifts.
  • Stay informed – sign up for charity newsletters and updates to keep up to date about how you can support them, including volunteer opportunities, events, supply donation callouts and more.
  • Donate items – many charities will often make callouts for food, clothing, housing, and other items to help to support people less fortunate than ourselves.
  • Volunteering – giving your time is a selfless way to support charities, and there are various ways in which you will be able to donate your time depending on the charity and their cause.
  • Leave a donation in your will – leaving charitable donations in a will is a simple way to give back and to leave a legacy once you are no longer here.
  • Shopping online – there are many websites and apps that provide opportunities to raise money for charities via their platforms – see below how you can do this to support NIDAS.

How can you support NIDAS?


Here at NIDAS, we welcome support in any form, here is how you can support us:

Supporting NIDAS as you shop

If you shop online, there are various platforms in which you can register, and they will donate a percentage of your overall spend to your chosen charity. We use Give as you Live and EveryClick (these are interconnected, so your login will get you into both platforms). To raise money for NIDAS, simply do your regular online shopping, from your usual weekly food shop to large one-off purchases.

Fundraising for NIDAS

Fundraising for NIDAS can be a very rewarding experience; all you need is an idea and a Justgiving page to get started. Here are just a few fundraising ideas – how creative can you be?

Volunteering at NIDAS

Volunteering has always been at the heart of NIDAS, from people offering their time to undertake administration tasks and fundraising to raising awareness of our services and organising events. Without the dedication of volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the services that we do.

We are always looking for people (over 18’s only) who can add something new and fresh to NIDAS by offering their skills, knowledge, experience, and time. If you have some time to give, please take a look at the opportunities available for you to support NIDAS here.

Donate to support women and families affected by domestic abuse

NIDAS is an independent local charity, which means we rely on the generous donations of supporters and grants. Making a donation helps us to continue to provide valuable services to women and families affected by domestic abuse in Mansfield and Ashfield.

If you are able to make a donation, regardless of how big or small, you can do this via a single contribution or regular payments via Direct Debit – every gift helps. If you are a UK taxpayer, you can also Gift Aid your donation, which will increase the amount you contribute by 25% at no extra cost to you.

Corporate support

We are lucky to have received the support of businesses who have raised money for us to support the important work we do. Supporting a charity as a business is a great way to improve your corporate social responsibility and boost staff morale. Find out more about how you can support NIDAS as a business.

Local services offering support to the community

  • MansfieldCVS develop, connect, and support community and voluntary groups in Mansfield and district. If you would like volunteer at other local charities and organisations, please see the current roles available.
  • Ashfield Voluntary Action provides support to other voluntary sector groups throughout the district, as well as supporting individuals and families through a range of targeted projects.
  • is designed to help individuals find information about a range of organisations and services, such as: activities, groups and events in the local community, childcare providers, support for children with special educational needs or disabilities, health and social care information and support, workplace health schemes, charities, and more. Use their ‘search’ directory to look for “local charities” to see how you can support others in your area.

Regardless of the time, the amount of resources, or monetary donations you can make to charities, every little helps and will go a long way to supporting those in need.