Fundraise for us - Personal Challenges


Is there something that you have always had on your ‘bucket list’ but you have never got round to doing?

It could be climbing Mount Snowdon, cycling the UK or spending the day in a bathtub full of beans.  Well, why don’t you take the opportunity to do this and raise money to help us continue our commitment to helping those at risk or affect by domestic abuse.

It doesn’t have to be swimming with sharks or abseiling from the Eifel Tower, there are plenty of person challenges, that are more accessible but just as important.

You may have heard of ‘dry January’ where people give up alcohol for the month of January.  This is a positive and healthy way to start the year and, as a goal, you can get your friends and relatives to sponsor you.  It doesn’t have to be January and it doesn’t have to be alcohol either, how about giving up chocolate or eating out or buying new clothes for a month and then the money you save can be donated to help keep our vital service running.

Whether it is a headshave or you are planning on swimming the channel, we are here to help with any fundraising queries.  Please contact [email protected] for further details

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