More confidence, better equipped, happier and calmer

Family Support Worker Case study

Background and presenting issues

Rachel* was referred to NIDAS Family Support Worker (FSW) due to the breakdown of family relationships between herself and her children, and with regards to accessing support to understand the impact of trauma.

At the time, Rachel was struggling with her own mental health following experiences of domestic abuse. She found it incredibly difficult to find the strength to implement boundaries and to support her children with their own emotional needs.

Working with NIDAS

The FSW completed 1-1 support sessions with Rachel to support her to raise the awareness of domestic abuse and the impact of trauma on herself, her children and the family as a whole. The FSW provided support with advocacy and advice regarding:

  • Employment
  • The children’s education for the children
  • Building Rachel’s confidence and self-esteem
  • Giving Rachel the courage to recognise her own strengths as an individual and as a parent

Rachel’s children were also supported by the FSW with 1.1 sessions to help them to talk about their feelings and fears in a safe and confidential environment. Work was completed around safety, feelings, anger, healthy/unhealthy relationships, and confidence and self-esteem. The FSW worked with the whole family to help with strengthening relationships and improving communication.


Following on from this support, Rachel’s mental health and self-esteem has improved dramatically, and she has recently started a new job. Rachel has told the FSW that she feels much more confident, both as an individual and as a parent, which has led her to feel better equipped to support her children emotionally. She expressed that the family home is happier and calmer due to the support she received from NIDAS.

NIDAS Services

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*Not the client’s real name