Domestic abuse doesn't stop at Christmas

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year; you get to spend time with your loved ones while having fun and celebrating; what more could you ask for? But have you ever stopped to think that someone might be silently screaming down the road at the same time?

For women and children experiencing domestic abuse Christmas can be a frightening and isolating time. Instead of looking forward to spending time with family and exchanging gifts, they are often anxious about the threat of abuse looming over them.

While domestic abuse happens all year round, Christmas is a time where the family are together for a long period of time, meaning there are fewer opportunities for a survivor to seek help and support.

With the Christmas celebrations comes alcohol and people may drink more than usual – whilst alcohol does not cause domestic abuse, it increases risk for those living with in an abusive environment and can be a catalyst for more severe or frequent incidents.

There is no excuse for abuse

It has been a challenging year, but we don’t want anyone to suffer in silence and we want to reassure survivors that support is available throughout the festive period and beyond.

Make yourself heard

If you are in danger and need the police but can’t speak

  • dial 999
  • listen to the questions from the operator
  • respond by coughing or tapping your phone if you can
  • if prompted press 55, this tells the operator it’s a genuine call and you’ll be put through to the police

Support available

If you feel that you have experienced domestic abuse or are currently experiencing this within your relationship, NIDAS are here to help. When you are ready, we are here to listen. You can contact us on 01623 683 250 or through our secure online form.


Friday 23rd December 2022 (16:30 onwards) until Tuesday 3rd January 2023. But don’t worry, the helplines and organisations mentioned above will be able to offer you support throughout the festive period. We will also be posting support services across our social media platforms.