Creativity is key! Encourage self-expression and build confidence

Art encourages self-expression and creativity can build confidence as well as a sense of identity. Through creatively engaging children in sessions, support can not only provide them with vital information for safety and emotional awareness but support them in building their self-awareness.

Art is it’s own language, it is expressive and individual, which children can use to help them communicate and learn.

As part of NIDAS Children’s support we feel that creativity is key!

Whilst learning about emotional awareness, communication and expression, the children we support engage in creative activities such as making stress balls and glitter jars. We talked about how these can help them at home and school in expressing and coping with difficult feelings. A glitter jar can help with stress, anger and worries by swirling the glitter around and taking 5 deep breaths as you watch the colours float around, create patterns and imagine a whole universe spinning around in a jar. Creativity helps children learn about their feelings, as well as finding ways of coping.

Creativity is part of every aspect of a child’s life as it comes so naturally to them.