Clearer Communication Through Colour

What could be better than getting the NIDAS team together this week to celebrate ‘Learning at Work Week’ and completing a fun and exciting Clarity4D personal development workshop.

Clarity4D explores the 4 Dimensions of personal development that goes beyond simply providing personality profiles to individuals. The 4 Dimensions are:

  • Discover – how you see yourself
  • Discuss – others’ perceptions of you
  • Diversify – your hidden potential
  • Develop – your full potential over time

The team learnt which ‘colour energy’ they lead with and those of their colleagues, which helped them to discover more about themselves, each other and how they can all continuously grow.

Clarity4D activities

What is Clarity4D?

The 4D approach is a process that embeds continuous growth for individuals, teams, and organisations. The Clarity4D model combines Ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle’s four elements with the work of the Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, who recognised that individuals have intrinsic preferences for the way they behave.

‘Colour energy’ is used to reflect personality traits as we all have a mix of these within us, however, there will be colours that we have a natural preference for, and those that we are less comfortable with. Discovering the ‘colour energy’ that we lead with can provide us with development goals, as well as helping us to adapt our communication with those who have different colour preferences.

The universal language of colour

Personality traits of the colour energies tend to be:

Red – FIRE: focused, decisive, direct, challenging, assertive, action-orientated

Yellow – AIR: chatty, expressive, cheerful, sociable, exuberant, enthusiastic

Green – EARTH: empathetic, concerned, informal, supportive, patient, easy-going

Blue – WATER: reflective, observing, analytical, cautious, formal, exacting

The profiling details an individual’s colour energies from the one they lead with, to the personality traits they are less likely to express. However, everyone will dial up their colour energies as and when they need to.

Do you want to find out what ‘colour energy’ you are, do you want to provide a Clarity4D workshop for your team or organisation? Clarity4D has multiple benefits, and NIDAS are delighted to now be able to provide this affordable model to other small charities and organisations locally. If you are interested in learning more about Clarity4D and what it can do for your organisation, please contact us at [email protected].

Clarity4D colour cards
A lot of energy, colour and collaboration

The entire NIDAS team thoroughly enjoyed the Clarity4D workshop. CEO, Sarah Dagley delivered the workshop and said “the highlight of the Clarity4D workshop is hearing how the team are already highlighting their ideas and commitment to putting what they have discovered about themselves and their colleagues into practice. There was so much energy, colour, and collaboration from everyone; we are already planning our next Team Development workshop and working with the board to ensure this is incorporated within our strategic planning. The feedback from the team has been amazing, thank you to everyone for getting involved, contributing, and having lots of fun!” 

Leanne McGachan, Service Delivery Manager:

“Clarity4D training has helped me to understand my own strengths and hidden potential, highlighting my personal motivators and influences. The workshop has given me a better understanding in terms of my lead colour energy, which is red. Red as a leading colour is helpful when leading an organisation and has helped me to recognise the importance of these qualities within a lead role. I have taken learning from the process of how my leading colour may be perceived by others. I have learnt to take into account the colour energies of others that I don’t necessarily lead with and how I can adapt my style as a leader.”

Emma Small, Social Media & Marketing Manager:

“Already knowing a bit about Clarity4D, it was an amazing experience to get involved within the team workshop to understand more about my colour energies. I flitter between leading with yellow and green, which was to be expected, but the workshop has helped me to discover my hidden potentials and to pinpoint the attributes of the red and blue colour energies that I can ‘dial up’ when I need to. The workshop has helped me to learn more about the NIDAS team, especially giving me the knowledge about my colleagues when communicating with them. A further team development workshop is a fantastic idea as it will provide everyone with an advanced understanding of the team. It wasn’t a surprise that the team have a lot of green energy considering their roles, but it was great to see that the combination of colours within the team make them strong and united. I am excited to discover more about myself as I continually learn and develop going forward.”

Kate Booker, Family Team Co-ordinator:

“I feel that the Clarity4D training was really helpful to reinforce my understanding of the skills in which I lead with. I have been able to develop knowledge around the processes of information gathering and decision making, and the different lead preferences that individuals can hold. Through gaining further understanding around the Clarity4D concepts, I feel that moving forward, I will be able to apply this to better understand the behaviour and working processes of others to better support individuals in a person-focused way.”

Natalie Johnson, CYP Team Co-ordinator:

“The Clarity4D workshop was engaging and informative, providing me with a lot to go forward with both personally and professionally. It led me to reflect on my tendency to place other people’s needs above my own. I was able to map out a concrete course of action and to grow my capacity to ‘dial up my red’ when I need to.”

Hatty Pocock, Art Therapist:

“The Clarity4D workshop was such a great day to come together as a team. Reading my profile was an enlightening experience as it enabled me to understand myself better and it was reassuring to know what my strengths are. My profile highlighted what my hidden potentials colour be and where I might need to dial up certain colours to overcome difficulties. It was interesting to understand the team’s leading colours and how I may respond differently and communicate to colleagues now. I will also apply this knowledge when working with my clients. The workshop has helped others within the team to be seen and heard, something I am sure we all want for ourselves and each other.”

Sarah Clifford, Reception and Administration Officer:

“The Clarity4D workshop day was an eye opener for me. It made me see my strongest attributes and brought my hidden potential to my attention. It shows that we are all different in our own unique ways, which helps a team to work together in harmony. The workshop highlighted some scenarios that are not so black and white, pointing out that I should have a more open-minded outlook, one of my hidden potentials that I can work on.”

Debbie Towers, Finance Administrator:

“Clarity4D has helped me to gain a new perception of how I relate to people who I encounter in my everyday life, and to be mindful of how we are all different, how we approach life and how we all communicate differently. The colour energies are a good mental association for me when I communicate with others, and I will endeavour to not be as judgemental of how some people can come across within their communication. For myself, I lead with a blue energy, but I have always viewed the characteristics of the blue energy as negative traits in myself. However, the workshop has made me realise that you should be proud of who you are as everyone brings something different and equally rewarding to life, and it’s also positive for me to be confident and explore the other colours.”

Sam Stacey, Family Team Support Worker:

“The Clarity4D workshop was brilliant, and I was absolutely astounded by the accuracy of my personal profile. It has given me a valuable insight into my own strengths and hidden potentials, and I hope to be able to use this information to reflect and grow both personally and professionally.”

Zoe Goodfellow, Domestic Abuse Outreach Worker:

“Clarity4D training has not only given me an understanding of my personal strengths and hidden potential, but those of who I work with as well. I am now mindful of how this can be adapted in the workplace, not only for myself, but how I can adapt, converse, and interact with my colleagues.”

Lauren Pettitt, Domestic Abuse Outreach Worker:

“I found the Clarity4D workshop a great experience as it highlighted my strengths where I would usually doubt myself. It has also made me more aware of my hidden potential where I can improve and develop. The personal profile was a positive feedback statement that I enjoyed reading, I feel so empowered now.”

Kelly Castledine, Teen Outreach Worker:

“I found the Clarity4D workshop very informative, and it confirmed many of the ways in which I see myself. It is very helpful to see where my hidden potential is, providing me with areas in which I can develop and ‘dial up’.”

Thank you to the team for a wonderful Clarity4D workshop.