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Join NIDAS as our Chair of Trustees

At NIDAS, our vision is for women and families to lead fulfilling lives, free from domestic abuse. We provide practical and emotional support to help women recover from domestic abuse, and through the services we offer, women can rebuild their confidence, as well as take control of their lives. We believe being free from abuse is only the start of the journey.

The NIDAS team work in a kind, caring, and non-judgemental manner, providing personalised support for as long as it is needed. The team embed our values – Person-centred, Empowering, and Creative – into every aspect of their work, to everyone they work with, those we seek to influence, and the wider community.

If this resonates with you, would you like the opportunity to work with us to help shape the future of NIDAS? Yes? We are currently looking for a new Chair of Trustees, so if supporting NIDAS and all the women and families we work with is of interest to you, please find out more about the role below.

Chair of Trustees

  • Job title: Chair of Trustees
  • Responsible to: Board of Trustees
  • Salary: Unpaid – reasonable expenses incurred whilst travelling to meetings can be claimed

Role Description

The role of the Chair of Trustees is to give leadership to the board and to make sure the board fulfils its duties and responsibilities. Additionally, the Chair of Trustees works closely with the CEO to support her/him to achieve the aims of NIDAS, and, at times, represent NIDAS at functions, meetings and in the press, and broadcasting media.

Level of Commitment

  • Six-weekly board meetings
  • Participating in a sub-committee and/ or ad hoc groups
  • Regular meetings with the CEO
  • Represent NIDAS at various events and meetings with stakeholders


In addition to the responsibilities of a trustee, the Chair of Trustees’ duties are to:

  • Provide leadership to the organisation and the board by ensuring that everyone remains focused on the delivery of its charitable purposes in order to deliver the greatest public benefit.
  • To ensure that the Annual Reports and accounts are produced at the end of each year for presentation to the Annual General Meeting and to ensure that they are forwarded to the Charity Commission within the appropriate time period.
  • Chair and facilitate board meetings and the Annual General Meeting encouraging full participation by all attending.
  • Establish sub-committees and working groups to address specific issues/tasks as deemed appropriate by the board, and to call upon specialist skills of his/her fellow Officers and Trustees in relation to those groups, and to participate in such groups as appropriate.
  • Give direction to board policy making.
  • Check that decisions taken at meetings are implemented.
  • Represent the organisation at functions and meetings and act as a spokesperson when appropriate.
  • Bring impartiality and objectivity to decision making.
  • Liaise with the CEO to keep an overview of the organisation’s affairs.
  • Lead the process of supporting and appraising the performance of the CEO.
  • Sit on senior appointment, and disciplinary panels.

The Chair of Trustees will also work with the CEO to:

  • Plan and set the agenda for the Annual General meeting with the Secretary.
  • Plan the annual cycle of board meetings and agendas for each meeting with the Secretary.
  • Develop the board of trustees including induction, training, appraisal, and succession planning.
  • Address conflict within the board and within the organisation and liaise with the CEO to achieve this.

Person Specification

In addition to the specification for a trustee, the Chair of Trustees requires the following qualities:

  • Strong leadership skills
  • Experience of chairing meetings and/or committee work
  • Ability to balance tact and diplomacy with willingness to challenge and constructively criticise
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Impartiality and fairness
  • Good understanding of legal duties, responsibilities, and liabilities of trusteeship.
  • Previous trusteeship

How to apply

For more information, queries, and to apply, please email [email protected].