When words are not enough

Art has always been used as a powerful form of expression and is an essential part of the human experience. Whatever medium an individual prefers, art provides a means to communicate thoughts, emotions, and experiences ‘when words are not enough’. This is particularly important for individuals affected by domestic abuse as it allows them to convey and display their feelings in a way that words alone can’t capture.

Everything is art

Art is used as a form of therapy

Art allows us to explore complex emotions and ideas in ways that are unique to our individual life events. Here at NIDAS, art is used as a form of therapy to help women and families explore a range of psychological, emotional, and social difficulties following the effects of domestic abuse. Our Art Therapists encourage individuals to work through their experiences by using various mediums of art to support their recovery.

Art Therapy can assist with self-esteem and confidence, depression and anxiety, trauma, and PTSD, as well as helping to manage life skills, personal development and much more.  Find out more about our Art Psychotherapy Service and how to refer here.

Share your story 

We would like to offer individuals that have been affected by domestic abuse the opportunity to take part in our forthcoming art exhibition (more details to be announced soon).

What we frequently hear is that many survivors often feel unheard. Choosing to submit artwork to the exhibition, individuals will have the opportunity to share their work, and their unique story to offer inspiration and encouragement to others. Everything is art when you do it with all your heart.

Register your interest

If you have been affected by domestic abuse and you are interested in sharing your artwork, please complete the form to register your interest. Further details of the exhibition will follow soon.