When words are not enough: event information

We are thrilled to announce the date of our ‘When Words Are Not Enough’ art exhibition. The exhibition will be held on Wednesday 31st January, and you’re invited.

Our art exhibition is a celebration of domestic abuse survivors, a way for us to champion their recovery journeys. The exhibition will showcase artwork created by courageous women and families that have been affected by domestic abuse in Mansfield and Ashfield.

Each survivor will be sharing their stories and experiences through the artwork they have created. Art is a powerful form of expression, and the art exhibition provides survivors with a way to express their emotions and display their thoughts when words alone cannot capture them in the right way.

You’re invited

We are elated to invite you to join us and celebrate survivors. Come along to see all of the artwork on display, meet the NIDAS team, and tour our new premises.

What to expect at the exhibition

Here at NIDAS, we want survivors to have a platform to be heard, and the art exhibition intends to do just that. Come along to our new offices to experience the emotiveness of paintings, drawings, sculptures, animations, poems, and more, as well as taking inspiration from the courage, resilience, and empowerment from each survivor.

We value your support in this meaningful event, together we can make a difference in the lives of domestic abuse survivors. Book your place to join us on Wednesday 31st January 2024:

The exhibition has been a long-awaited dream for NIDAS Lead Art Therapist, Hatty Pocock and CEO, Sarah Dagley who value the transformative power of art therapy for survivors.

Art Therapy

Self-expression is an important part of being able to heal and recover from negative experiences. Our art therapy service empowers survivors to voice their emotions and experiences when traditional communication falls short.

Find out more about our art therapy service.