Our Core Values


Because our best ideas come from bringing different kinds of people together. Because we’re inclusive not exclusive.

We will:

  • Play our part
  • Lead by example
  • Do what we say and take responsibility
  • Be good listeners and clear communicators
  • Bring people together
  • Respect everyone’s contribution
  • Recognise people doing the right things (big and small)


Because we constantly look ahead to find new ways of keeping people safe. Because if we dream it we can do it

We will:

  • Be brave
  • Dare to dream
  • Believe we can do incredible things
  • Understand and support client’s hopes and dreams for a better future
  • Make space to think
  • Challenge and build
  • Create the little things that make a difference
  • Make people smile


Because we inspire each other to do better. Because we act with integrity at all times.

We will:

  • Be a leader in our field
  • Continuously shape, refresh and improve
  • Share knowledge with passion
  • Expect more from ourselves and others
  • Go beyond ‘Okay’
  • Consistently deliver excellent quality
  • Embrace change
  • Take the first step