Family Team

The Family Team:

We offer family based interventions to male and female survivors of domestic abuse aged 5-25 and their families.

The family team consists of 4 full time workers:

  • Risk Assessment Worker (RAW)
  • Safety Support Worker (SSW)
  • Family Intervention Worker (FIW)
  • Family Intervention Lead (FIL) / Lead of NIDAS

The Family Team will:

  • The whole team liaises with key agencies throughout their involvement to ensure that the families/individuals needs are being met and that any safeguarding concerns are addressed
  • Where there is an identified need, learning and development opportunities will be sought for the individual or the group
  • The team will provide this service throughout the community to ensure that we meet the needs of those who we work with

”Supporting Families to Feel Safe”

Risk Assessment Worker (RAW)

Offers the following support:

  • Completes full assessment of risk and need with clients.
  • Refers clients to MARAC based on risk level where appropriate.
  • Refers clients to appropriate support services within NIDAS.
  • Signposting to relevant services internally and externally
  • Raises any safeguarding concerns, upon entry into service.
  • Safety Planning

Safety Support Worker (SSW)

Offers the following support:

  • Direct one-to-one support
  • Practical and emotional support
  • Advocacy service, support to appointments when required
  • Safety Planning
  • Drop in sessions around domestic abuse awareness and safety
  • Risk assessments
  • DVA Awareness sessions
  • Group Workshops

”Working at NIDAS is really rewarding as I am able to help make a difference to someone’s lives and to support them to be able to overcome what they have been through and to understand their experiences. It’s nice to see the difference the support sessions make to the clients and how strong they become and the strength they gain to pick themselves up. It feels really good to work within a team that can help make this difference.”

– Safety Support Worker (NIDAS)

Family Intervention Worker (FIW)

Offers the following support:

  • Direct one-to-one support
  • Practical and emotional support
  • Support survivors who have entered non abusive relationships to understand how domestic abuse may have affected them and relationships
  • Work closely with families to understand support needs and with them, agree a bespoke plan of support that is realistic, achievable and effective.
  • Advocacy for families ensuring their wishes and feelings are heard, and support agencies understand the complexities and impact of DVA.

“For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to work in a role where I can make difference. I believe everybody should feel safe and be able to live a life free from harm. Working for NIDAS is extremely rewarding and no two days are the same’. I am proud to work with a group of people who share the same levels of commitment and determination to keep families safe’

Family Intervention Lead (FIL) / Lead of NIDAS

  • Direct one-to-one support
  • Practical and emotional support
  • Offers support to the whole family – family based intervention sessions
  • Provides parenting interventions with a solution focused approach
  • Safeguarding Lead
  • Overall management of the family team
  • Lead of NIDAS

“I am proud to be part of team NIDAS, but working alongside a team who everyday wants to achieve positive outcomes for vulnerable families makes it even more rewarding. The families we work with need to be empowered, supported and believed in and I couldn’t think of a better team to do this alongside me, and I think this shows in the outcomes we achieve with families”

-Family Intervention Lead/ Lead of NIDAS

Group Programmes

You, Me and Mum

You & Me, Mum is a 10 week course programme for mothers which will help you understand how domestic violence effects you as a parent and how it effects your children. It will empower, support and develop further understanding of your role as a mother in addressing the needs of your children and young people.

The programme aims to:
  • To understand how domestic violence affects you as parent.
  • To understand the effects of domestic violence on children and young people.
  • To develop effective communication skills with children & young people
  • To promote healthy and nonviolent relationships.
  • To explore key Protective Behaviour messages and strategies for keeping mothers, children and young people safe.

The Freedom Programme

The Freedom Programme is a 12 week programme for women who want to learn more about the reality of domestic violence and abuse. It examines the role, attitudes and beliefs of a perpetrators as well as the responses of victims and survivors. The programme is designed to help you to acquire the knowledge, which can help you to live a safer happier life.

The programme aims to:
  • Promote confidence and self-esteem
  • Increase awareness
  • Develop an understanding of healthy and unhealthy behaviours
  • Develop an understanding of how domestic abuse affects you and your children/young people
  • How to identify early warning signs of abusive behaviours

For more information about upcoming groups; please click here


Healthy Relationship Workshops

We offer healthy relationships workshops to those within the local community who would like to raise their awareness, and develop their understanding around positive relationships.

Our workshops aim to help you:
  • Recognise the importance of healthy relationships
  • Identify and develop an understanding of what a ‘healthy relationship’ is
  • Compare and contrast healthy and unhealthy relationships

If you are interested , please contact us on 01623 683 250 or email us at for more information.