Civil & Family Court Service

We offer safety and support to women going through the court process to help get their voices heard, their needs met and to help make it an easier step

The Court Team:

We offer emotional support and practical guidance to those affected by domestic abuse who are attending Family Proceedings at Court.  This will include Private Law cases if you are trying to obtain Civil injunctions or Child Contact Arrangements, and Public Law cases where the Local Authority may be involved.

The court team consists of:

Family Court IDVA (FCI)

Court Risk Assessment Worker (CRAW)

The Family Court Team will:

We ensure that you have a voice and that you are heard within the civil / family courts.  By listening to your wishes and advocating on your behalf we are sending out a strong message that we will not tolerate Domestic Abuse.  Our Family Court IDVA cannot provide legal advice, but can support throughout the court process. 

The Family Court IDVA will:

Work in partnership with other appropriate agencies to ensure holistic support to meet the needs of  the client and their family

Offer emotional support

Prioritise safety needs through safety planning, monitor and assess risk throughout support

Signpost and refer to relevant support services

Explain what is happening at each stage of the legal process; also keep clients updated throughout proceedings

Provide advocacy – giving the client a voice and ensuring their wishes are heard

In practice the FCI will:

Attend Court Hearings

Attend solicitors appointments

Support with Legal Aid

 Facilitate a pre-hearing visit to familiarise you with the court process

Ensure that special measures are in place

The FCI offers support with the following types of proceedings:

Non-Molestation and Occupation orders

Separation and Financial proceedings

 Child Arrangement Orders

 Local Authority Cases


“Working for NIDAS has allowed me to support people who are at a point in their life when they really need it.  Its important to me to work for an organisation that’s always looking to improve the services that they provide.”

– Family Court IDVA (NIDAS)


How you can access support from us:

If you are a family who are looking for support you can contact us by calling 01623 683 250. We will need some information from you to get things started and will do this sensitively either over the phone or in person.

If you are a professional looking for support on a case you can call us on 01623 683 250 and we will be able to support you over the phone If you want to make a referral you will need to complete a referral form (we can e-mail this to you).  Please complete the referral form and e-mail this to us at