Whole Family Service

We help children and young people understand what healthy relationships look and feel like and aim to build their confidence and self esteem

What we do:

We offer family based interventions to male and female survivors of domestic abuse aged 5-25 and their families. Our range of services within the whole family support team includes:

·         Children’s Domestic Abuse Worker

·         Young Person’s Domestic Abuse Worker

·         Safety Support Worker

·         Family Intervention Worker

·         Risk Assessment Worker


We offer:

·         Immediate support and crisis intervention

·         Direct one-to-one support

·         Telephone support

·         Outreach support in the community e.g. school, college, community centre, home visits

·         Workshops, training and development sessions

·         Safety equipment

·         Signposting to other relevant services

Throughout the support process we assess risk as we know it can be fluid, guiding you to complete any necessary safety and support planning, as well as liaising with key agencies.


In January 2019, NIDAS launched an exciting and new project supporting survivor families and their new partners who have started new relationships.

Have you started a new relationship after domestic abuse?

Are you and your new partner finding if challenging to ‘BLEND’ the new family together?

What is a Blended Family? A blended family consists of two parents, where one or both have children from a previous relationship.

NIDAS are looking for blended families across Ashfield and Mansfield to take part in this project so if you feel your new family would benefit from the following types of support, please get in touch with us to chat further.

·         Understand what a healthy and unhealthy relationship looks like

·         Try out new strategies and techniques to aid better communication

·         Learn about trauma and how it can affect you and your children

·         Test new approaches to resolving problems without it escalating

·         Explore children’s feelings and emotions within the new blended family and how this may affect their responses

·         Identify what your needs are and how to sustain a healthy dynamic family unit

For more information please contact us on 01623 683 250 or hello@nidas.org.uk


This project is funded by: 

How you can access support from us:

If you are a family who are looking for support you can contact us by calling 01623 683 250. We will need some information from you to get things started and will do this sensitively either over the phone or in person.

If you are a professional looking for support on a case you can call us on 01623 683 250 and we will be able to support you over the phone If you want to make a referral you will need to complete a referral form (we can e-mail this to you).  Please complete the referral form and e-mail this to us at referrals@nidas.org.uk